Monday 7 January 2008

Saturday's workshop

Just a quick note to let you know that there are only 2 places left on Saturday's jewellery workshop so if you want to come along and you're not booked in you'd better get in there quickly! The easiest and quickest way of booking is via my website The workshop is suitable for all abilities, and I've got a couple of new projects for those of you who are regulars.

I haven't actually made anything today as B and I went to a birthday party (our 2 in 3 days!) and I thought it was about time I tidied my workdesk. I did, however, plann out a couple of new projects and also bought some more sterling silver wire to make some more rings for chainmaille. I was going to wait a bit before putting an order in, but Nicky texted to say that she was putting an order in and did I want to add anything to the list? What a silly question!

It seems as though the hyperlink problem is only if you use the latest version of Internet Explorer as your web browser, and there only seems to be a problem on my blog - wonderful! It seems as though I may have to republish the blog, but we'll see.

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