Wednesday 19 March 2008

Adventures in Glass

One of my favourite lampwork bead artists is Isabelle Anderson. Her beads are just beautiful and I like to think that they suit my style of jewellery well. She's just started her own blog at so go and have a look! I love the beads Izzy's used in the earrings she's posted.
Above are some earrings of my own. I don't often make jewellery just using Swarovski crystals as I like to mix materials, but these were a special commission for a friend to go with her costumes for a big dancing competition she's got coming up. It took a while to match up the crystals on her dresses with the right ones for her earrings, but the match is perfect. These were definitely an opportunity to practise my wrapped loops - there are just under 3 dozen crystals in each earrings, and they sparkle beautifully! As well as dancing, swimming, running and many other sports Marie-Claire is also a great Pilates instructor - her website is on my list - go and have a look!

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