Friday 25 July 2008


I know, I know, it's been over a week. I've had every intention of posting most days this week, but it's been a week of DIY, jewellery parties and commissions. My mum had a jewellery and cards party on Wednesday (I think I've mentioned before that she sells Phoenix cards?) so B and I went over there for that. I had a jewellery and cards party here yesterday evening (thank you to those of you who came!), and the beginning of the week was busy as I decided that I just couldn't live with the state of the front bay windows anymore - so out came the sander and then the paint! It took me 3 days, but I'm really pleased with them. They're not perfect, but they'll do until we get double glazing.

I have managed to get some photos done too, although they're not of finished jewellery. I roped T in to help me start the tutorial photos, and he's not done badly at all. What do you think? The plan is that by the end of August I will have at least 3 tutorials on the website. I'm going to start with the free basic wire work tutorials (how to make coils, how to turn eyeloops, that kind of thing) and then move onto the projects tutorials and there will be a small charge for those ones.

Anyway, why 'ouch' as the title of this post? Well, the plan for early this afternoon had been to deliver a couple of repairs to a customer - repairs to some old jewellery, I hasten to add, not to anything I'd made! Instead I ended up at the eye clinic at the hospital. DON'T read on if you're squeamish about eyes!! I had got something in my eye while driving at the beginning of the week and as I was caught in roadworks on the motorway I couldn't pull over and sort it out. I think it was a bit of dust from the diggers at the side of the road. I wore my contact lenses for as little as possible during the week but as my eye was still looking very red and sore I went to the opticians today who sent me up to the hospital. It turns out that I've got a small cut on my eye that isn't infected but has become inflamed. Thankfully the eyedrops they gave me are working really well, and my eye looks and feels a lot better already. I just look a bit odd while outside in the sunshine at the moment as I haven't got prescription sunglasses - I'm having to wear my sunglasses on top of my prescription glasses!

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