Saturday 3 April 2010

Easter Flowers

Happy Easter! I hope that you are all enjoying your long weekend!

We've had a fairly relaxing, family weekend so far. It was T's Mum's birthday yesterday so we drove up North to met up with everyone from his side of the family (two grandparents, three sons and wives (including T and me, obviously) and four grandchildren) for a long lazy early evening meal at a local pub. All the children were really well behaved, and we had a great time. B was thrilled to see his eldest cousin again! There's only 7 months between the two boys, and they get on brilliantly. It was the first time we'd met our newest niece - she's gorgeous, and fell asleep in my arms!

I've spent this afternoon editing photos of new products and uploading them to both my website and to my notonthehighstreet shop. Here are a couple of them, and there will be more to come at the beginning of next week!

I've shown you the Full Bloom necklace before, but I've added more stone choices now - you can choose from aquamarine, citrine, iolite (my personal favourite - such a beautiful rich purple) and turquoise, but if you fancy a different stone let me know!

And some pretty earrings to go with them. These swing gently as you move your head, and are lovely to wear. They have the same stone choices as the necklace, and I did have a turquoise pair to show you but they got sold before I photograph them - not that I'm complaining about that!


  1. The full bloom necklace is very pretty and so unusual. Have a great Easter


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