Wednesday 15 August 2012

Brit Pack Beaders Challenge

Today is the reveal day for the first Brit Pack Beaders challenge! A quick reminder - Lesley Watt has asked me, Rebecca Anderson, Bo Hulley and Claire Braunbarth to join her in a bimonthly challenge. We'll take turns to set the inspiration for the challenge, and as the hostess Lesley had first go. You can see the photo she choose and the colours that she's drawn out of it to give us a bit of a helping hand below. The photo is by Carolyn Saxby, and is called "Tangled". Carolyn is a Cornish textile/mixed media artist who takes amazing photos of the environment around her. You can see more of her work on Flickr here and also sells beautiful fabric beads in her Etsy shop, Cornish Pebbles.


We're taking it in turns to send each other ingredients for the challenge, trying to make sure that everyone gets something slightly different. Although I'm not actually taking part this month (just in case you haven't seen the hints that I've posted recently, we're in New Zealand!), I still wanted to contribute so my ingredient was stringing materials. I chose silk ribbons from Marsha Neal Studios in shades of aqua, cream and rust and some turquoise cotton cord as a contrast. Everyone got cotton cord, but I mixed up the silks so that no two people got the same combinations.

I'm really excited to see what everyone has come up with! To see what Lesley's inspiration has led to (and to leave some lovely comments on my friends' blogs too, pretty please!) you can visit the rest of the Brit Pack Beaders at:

Lesley Watt - Thea Jewellery -

Rebecca Anderson - Songbeads -

Claire Braunbarth - Smitten Beads -

Teresa "Bo Peep" Hulley - Bo Hulley Beads - Bo's Facebook page


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  1. Thanks Jo! I hope (I'm sure) you're still having an amazing time :-)


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