Thursday 13 June 2013

More gorgeous earrings!

No posts for over a week and two come along at once - and both with earrings! These earrings were made by Brenda last weekend. She comes along for tuition a couple of times a month and I've shown her work on here before, but these are, in my opinion, the most beautiful piece of jewellery she has made so far. The back is just as lovely as the front!

Of course, she does have an advantage as Brenda is the owner of Iced Hot Rocks, the Etsy shop that I have bought just a few gorgeous stones from, so the amethysts here are from her stock. However, coming along for tuition so frequently this year has meant that Brenda has improved her jewellery making skills and, just as importantly, her confidence in her skills amazingly. We've been working on her sawing and piercing skills over the last couple of lessons too, so I'll soon have come more of her beautiful work to show you.

There are just three dates left for private tuition until the Autumn,
 so if you've always wanted to start learning how to make your own silver jewellery, 
want to add to your jewellery making skills by learning a particular technique or 
want to make a special piece of jewellery for someone equally special, 
check the available dates here and email me quickly ( 
before they all go!


  1. Very, very lovely. So wish I lived closer to you ...

    1. From what I've read on your blog you live a lot closer than some of my students - I have people regularly coming down from London, sometimes from Manchester and further north, and even every now and then flying down from Edinburgh! I'm close to Southampton airport and the train station, which really helps.

  2. I visit your blog from time to time as I often get something out of my visits however this is the first time I have posted any comment (I'm more of a reader than a poster) but I just had to comment on the Amethyst stones in Brenda's earrings - they look so beautifully cut, and of course her earrings do them justice.

    Jewellery Online

    1. They are definitely beautifully cut! Wait until you see her current project!

  3. Awww, thanks for this post...and not mentioning how I broke one earwire at what should have been the final stage! :D

    And thanks for having a great Plan B - I agree it looks better than the original design idea,


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