Tuesday 23 September 2008

Blog cleaning

My cleaning and tidying in the house yesterday has spread to my blog too - I've removed links to some blogs that haven't been updated in a few months and moved some of the sidebar sections around. I've also added some links to my tutorials and to some of the jewellery making information posts that I've made. I keep referring people to them when I'm teaching workshops and in replies to people's emails, so I thought that it would be a good idea to make them easy to find!


  1. hello Jo, wow, this blog thingy is a great way of keeping upto date with whats going with with you B and T! Its lovely to see the photos, we cant wait to see B this weekend when the boys come to visit us in Wales.Shame you wont be able to make it - it sounds like you're very busy at the mo.
    Congratulations on such a professional website also, it all looks amazing! Hope you are well, speak soon, J,N,R and E. x

  2. Hello! It's good, isn't it? T's Dad reads it all the way from the middle east too to catch up with everyday news. See you soon!


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