Wednesday 20 April 2011


Look what the postie brought me today! Not the best photo I'm afraid as the lovely sunlight had gone by the time I was able to get the camera out. Mindy (moogin beads) very kindly said that she'd make me a set of these after Rebecca Anderson beat me to the original set by a matter of minutes. Rebecca and I may share our birthday (ok, so I am a few years older!) but our styles and the materials that we use are very different so it'll be interesting to see what we make with them.

You can also see the chain that I've made for the pendant I showed you last week in the background. My plan is to finish it tomorrow and hopefully take the photos for a magazine article, but we'll see how long Jamie naps for!


  1. And isn't it great that we share fabulous taste as well as a birthday? ;-)

  2. Oh I LONG for a set of Moogin beads. I missed out on the ones she had for the auction for Japan relief.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them Rebecca! Do you think we should do our own "designer challenge"?!

    Lori - Mindy does make some beads to order if you're really tempted!


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