Thursday 14 April 2011

Look what the postie brought me today!

The other day, while playing on personalising the settings and transferring the files over to my new laptop, my fingers accidentally typed in the web address of Designer Cabochons. Then my eyes, ignoring my orders to them, spied a beautiful picture jasper cab.....and then another one......and then a goldstone cab...... and then conspired with my fingers to add them all to the shopping cart and pay for them. I know! The traitors :)

I know I should have resisted. I have a box full of beautiful stones just waiting for me to make them the perfect setting, some with the bezel collar already made, but I knew if I let these slip through my fingers I'd regret it as I usually only see cabochons on this website after someone else has bought them and the "sold" sign has gone up! And you have to agree they are beautiful - the photos definitely do not do them justice as they were just quick snaps taken on my workdesk, and the jaspers have such a high polish that it was difficult not to get the reflection of the windows and the camera in shot!

I was only going to get one jasper but I liked the shape of the lozenge one and the pattern on the oval. And the purple goldstone is such a gorgeous colour and an unusual shape - I've got quite a simple setting with an unusual handcrafted chain in mind for that one. Now I just need to find time to create it!


  1. Those stones are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you create with them.

  2. I agree love the stones. Just perfect for the summer. Will check the website to see what you create. I need a treat.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you get up to with them :-)

  4. What fantastic stones. No wonder you had to buy them. You will enjoy making them into a stunning pendant.


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