Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I don't know what I was thinking, saying that I would post at all last night, let alone that I'd post about one of the projects I'd been working on! It seems at the moment that whenever I tell you that I'm definitely going to post something comes up! This time it was blogger not letting me (and lots of other people it seems) log in. The fix was easy (just clearing my cookies and cache and rebooting) but it took a while to find out that that was all I needed to do!

Anyway...Legoland! Ben's school had a teacher training day yesterday. Each May the PTA arrange for parents to buy group priced tickets for Legoland to make the most of the day. I've wanted to take Ben there for ages, but the full priced tickest are horrendously expensive, so the chance to get tickets at such a good price was too good to pass up! My parents came with us, and we took a friend of Ben's too - and I did tell my parents that there was an ulterior motive to my invitation! I needed help to be able to take both of my boys, let alone another, as Ben isn't quite tall enough to go on most of the rides himself and I can't exactly leave Jamie on his own while I go on a ride with Ben. Thankfully they had just as good a time as the rest of us, and we're already talking about going again next year! The rides were great, but to my surprise the boys said that their favourite part was Mini World - the amazing scenes from around the world made from millions and millions of lego bricks. The attention to detail was fantastic. I would have loved to have helped build some of it - I love it when Ben gets a new lego kit so building on such a large scale would have been fantastic - and so addictive too! A bit like when I'm knitting - I'll just do one more row before bedtime! We took tonnes of photos so I'll let some of them do the talking rather than waffle on!

This was the expression on Jamie's face for most of the day!

It was the attention to detail that I loved. Look! Dr Who, the TARDIS and a Darlek at Canary Wharf!

And although you can't see it in this photo, they'd added Wills and Kate to Buckingham Palace

The Angel of the North - just for you Hellie

And for my American friends....

The boys kept yelling "Look! Look!". I don't think they knew where to look first!

I'll be back in a bit - I've got a great Tutorial Tuesday for you, and a few photos to show you that don't have a single lego brick in them.

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  1. Just like the real thing, will have to visit,Eliza will feel like a giant. :) Glad you had good time.


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