Sunday, 17 March 2013

AJE earrings challenge reveal

It's my turn to write the AJE post for the earrings challenge reveal, so I thought that I ought to get my own reveal post up on time for once!

I've continued on my poppy and wood them. Afterall, I make so many poppy head pins, charms and earwires for my Daisychain Extra shop that I should make more use of them in my own designs! And I bought some beautiful wooden beads from Smitten Beads in the New Year, and I'm really enjoying showing them off in earrings.

Ebony and Silver use a pair of hollow silver beads that I made as a demonstration for one of my college classes. I've given them a lovely matt finish and teamed them with long ebony twisted beads - hanging from poppy earwires of course!

Out of the Blue has Czech glass turquoise faceted beads and ebony rondelles strung on poppy headpins that I've turned into earwires.

I've kept to a turquoise/aqua theme for the earrings I chose from the AJE Earring Challenge Pinterest board - click here to see!


  1. Lovely metal-smithing. Kind of partial to your poppy ear wires & headpins.

  2. Wow, Those earwires look so lovely. The work is perfect! I have got a piece of your work with me right now, but I have never purchased with you.. :) My bead soup partner has sent a clasp, from your shop! I just LOVE that! And as part of practicing my metal work, I had worked on a pendant taking inspiration from the book - "Metal Styl"e. But once I finished doing that, I felt- it kind of resembled that clasp by you.. You can see the results of my practice here:

  3. These are beautiful designs - love the simplicty of the materials you have used. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Your attention to detail is so superb! Love the design and how you combine metal with other medium!


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