Useful Equipment

This is the list of useful silver smithing equipment that I give to my private tuition students and my college students - I hope that you find it useful too!

My general rule when buying anything that cuts is to buy the best quality that I can find. So for example I buy fairly cheap saw frames but the saw blades that I use are Vallorbe, a very good quality Swiss make. My files are also Vallorbe. However, I also like to find things that I can "repurpose" - for example my quench pot is a plastic icecream tub (I just replace it when needed!) and I use an old slow cooker as my pickle pot.

Basic silversmithing equipment:
Solder – hard, medium, easy
Flux if not using solder paste – either borax cone or liquid flux
Borax ceramic dish – if using borax flux
Paint brush to apply flux
Tungsten solder probe – to help apply solder (optional)
Safety pickle
Pickle pot
Brass or plastic tongs
Insulated reverse action pliers
Saw frame and blades
Needle files (cut 2/medium grade)
6” flat file & handle (cut 2/medium grade)
6” half round file & handle (cut 2/medium grade)
Hand drill & drill bits (I find 0.9mm and 0.5mm the most useful sizes)
Fire brick
Quench pot
Hammers – raw hide & also metal hammers for texturing

Required for making bangles and rings:
Bangle sizers
Bangle mandrel
Ring sizers
Ring mandrel

Required for wirework:
Round nosed pliers
Flat nosed pliers
Flush cutters

Some UK Suppliers:
Cookson Gold –
Suttons Tools –
Rashbel –
Palmer Metal –
Metal Clay - 


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