Friday 29 June 2012

Back again......

I've done it again. It's not as if I don't think about blogging, it's just that at the moment every moment seems to be accounted for - lots of teaching this week, both privately at home and at college, lots of lovely Etsy and NOTHS orders to fill and, of course, family events too. It was Ben's school Sports Day last Monday. It's actually the first one he's had as it was rained off last year. It did seem a bit like organised chaos at first, but it was actually very well thought out with all nearly 300 children involved and enjoying themselves altogether. No photos I'm afraid as a) the school ask us not to as for a couple of child protection reasons and b) I was too busy trying to entertain Jamie and distract him from running out to join his beloved big brother! Yes, running! Well, walking and stumbling really. There's no stopping him now!

Anyway, my main reason for posting so late at night is to remind you that tomorrow is the big reveal for my Flower Bangle Challenge - 6 designers, 6 flower bangles, and 6 hopefully very different designs! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone has made with their bangles. I've actually written my post already for once and scheduled it ready to go!

I also need to remind you that I will be putting my website and Daisychain Extra etsy shop on holiday as from the end of Sunday. so if you need to stock up on flower bangles or any other goodies for the summer, then now is the time to do it as I'll be away until the start of September. The collage above (I love the new frames and collage feature on Picmonkey!) shows a few of the new pieces I uploaded this week - bunnies, owls, birdies and flowers! If you follow my Facebook page you may already have picked up on where we're going, but I will let you know more about our plans at the start of next week!

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