Tuesday 7 October 2008

Post number 101 - competition time!

I've realised this morning the post yesterday was my 100th! Who would have thought that I could talk that much? Well, apart from T and the friends I spend ages on the phone with?

Well, I can't let this go unmarked. I logged on to the computer to tell you that the random number generator picked Gill Utting (I've emailed you, Gill, to get your address) to win last month's earrings (if you can't remember what they looked like, not that I really expect you to, look here) and to show you a picture of the earrings for this month's prize draw, but I think I will have to have two competitions now...

Competition number one - October's newsletter prize draw. If you would like a chance of winning these lovelies (oxidised sterling silver, pale green freshwater pearls, garnet and moonstone) then all you have to do is sign up to my monthly newsletter by clicking on the link to the left - the big brown one that says 'newsletter' on it.
Competition number two - to celebrate my 100 blog posts (and the fact that someone actually reads them!), leave me a comment to tell me what you're celebrating - it could be a special occasion, it could be that fact that it's not raining right now where you are (it's been sunny here today too - yippee!!). I will get either the random number generator or B to pick a winner for the earrings below. You have until midnight next Wednesday 15th October! Both competitions are open to those of you from abroad.

P.S. The second earrings are a preview of the new ideas/experiments that I've mentioned - more coming as soon as I've taken more photos!


  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts (I can never find enough time to blog)! I love these blue earrings so sleek and you've got the balance just right. I really enjoyed your post of the paper beads too, they're really funky!

  2. Thanks Kitty!
    I haven't had time to make the paper beads yet - they're on my list for when a friend's daughters come and visit.

  3. Hiya Jo, just catching up again, where does the time go? Love the idea of your competition and well done you on your milestone. Well you asked what we were celebrating and this week is a busy one in our family. Monday was my birthday (I've stopped counting!), today is my Ma and Pa's 48th wedding anniversary and Friday, hubby and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary (isn't that 3 life sentences!). Oh and next week is my Mum's birthday - well you did ask lol.

  4. We haven't got any famly celebrations this week, but I'm definitely celebrating that we're all cold and cough free at the moment!
    Blue's my favourite colour, so finger's crossed!
    mary_miller at hotmail dot co dot uk

  5. Forgot to say - I'm celebrating, erm, um, I'm celebrating ... I can't think of anything. Heck, my life's boring! I'm celebrating not having anything to celebrate!

    Please can I still be in the draw?

  6. Of course you can Laura! Good luck!


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