Saturday 12 September 2009

News from the Daisychain Garden

This year was the first year that we tried growing vegetables. We've still got a massive amount to learn, but at least we didn't kill the plants! Neither T or I are the most enthusiastic gardeners. I love the idea of have a productive, well laid out garden that I can potter about in, dead heading and pruning and digging up our own veggies, but I don't really have the time needed to set everything up to get it organised and productive. This autumn, though, I am determined to dig up some raised beds. There's a perfect sunny spot under my workshed window, and the earth is already piled up there from when we levelled the garden to lay the new lawn.

So what has made me so determined to dig a raised bed? Let me introduce Mr Carrot (name chosen by B). Our carrots have been lovely and sweet and tasty but, well, let's just say that we now realise the importance of planting carrot seedlings in deeper soil!

P.S. The stick-on eyes were T's idea. Honest.
P.P.S We have dozens of green tomatoes but no ripe ones yet! I'm trying a few tricks I looking up on the internet to get them to ripen, but I think I may be making a few jars of green tomato chutney!


  1. Oh how funny! Thanks for making me giggle!
    p.s. At least your carrots grew - I sowed some last year and they never even sprouted shoots.

  2. Curly Carrots - will these be made out of silver and added to your designs??

    Very funny though.

  3. You ought to try fried green tomatoes. Dip them in beaten eggs, then dip them in cornmeal, then fry (butter, olive oil, whichever). They have a tartness that's really great when cooked this way.
    p.s., you *could* also bake them, rather than frying, but I'm of Southern descent, so it (almost) all gets fried :)


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