Saturday 6 November 2010

Stone setting workshop

Today the conservatory/kitchen was filled with the sound of people oohing and aahing over beautiful stones, sketching out ideas, sawing, hammering, soldering and filing - yes, it was my last group workshop at home before going on maternity leave!

The majority of the group hadn't set cabochons before, but they all produced beautiful work - just take a look! I always love how one basic technique can have so many different uses and end results. I'm off to tidy all the tools away while you admire their work!

Syd's purple charoisite pendant - the beautiful stone works brilliantly in a simple organic setting
Anna's pietersite pendant - her clever use of the square of silver I gave each person reminds me of origami!
Carol's carnelian pendant - I love the texture she used!
Helen's jade pendant - the simple setting shows off the stone really well
Jenny's labradorite pendant - I really like the way she's used such different shapes. They've made a stunning pendant.
Sara's hematite pendant - the perfect "go with anything" piece of jewellery!

P.S. Syd, Anna and Jenny used stones from my friend Brenda's etsy shop - she let me have a box of stones for them to pick from if they wanted something a bit more special than my basic cabs!

P.P.S. I have only three dates left for private tuition before I go on maternity leave so if you'd like to come and have a great day learning new skills in my workshed you'd better get in there quickly - this time yesterday I had five dates left! You can find the dates and more details here. I'm also teaching a beginners jewellery taster day for Eastleigh college on Saturday 20th November - details can be found here.


  1. These are all beautiful - a sign of a good teacher, surely! - but I do particularly like Jenny's beautiful pendant. The contesting shapes loom fab !

  2. What wonderful pieces, and yes you are a wonderful teacher, look how far i traveled to do a class with you, can't wait till baby no 2 arrives, hope you get some peace to to put your feet up.x


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