Friday, 30 March 2012

Beach Day

My poor boys are ill at the moment - Jamie started coming down with first of all a tummy bug at the end of last week, had a couple of days when he was tired but ok, and now has a horrible cough, and I had to go down to school to pick Ben up early yesterday as he's got the cough and a slight temperature. There's so much going round at the moment!

All this and being busy with orders and teaching (more of that later!) has meant that I've barely had time to turn the computer on, but all week I've been wanting to show you the photos I took on the beach on Sunday. Yes, the beach! In March!! The weather is so fantastic at the moment, more like June usually is, but not quite warm enough to go without a jumper on the breezy beach.

Ben and I met my parents at West Wittering beach on Sunday, leaving Jamie with T. It's not too far from where my parents live, and I really should take the boys there more often. Although Southampton is right on the coast, we don't have any decent beaches here as the docks take up most of the water front but there are beautiful beaches in both directions from us along the coast and we need to take advantage of them more! The Witterings are perfect for sand castle building, so that's what we did - and watch to see how well our castle defended itself against the incoming tide of course!


  1. I love the sand castle village! Well done Ben!

  2. Happy days! I wish Manchester was near any kind of decent beach. There are so many within a short distance from Edinburgh! I used to love a trip to a chilly Scottish beach and paddling in the chilly north sea! I hope Ben gets better soon :-(

  3. Great castle! How much tide do you get there... we have 28 feet but it's a nice slow tide so no danger of getting caught.

    We had 27 degrees (C) last week yesterday we got 2 inches of snow....


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