Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - owls!

I'm cheating slightly for today's Tutorial Tuesday as there's no jewellery in sight! This is a bit of a manic week - as well as my normal teaching commitments at college I'm also teaching at home tomorrow and this weekend is the Handmade Winchester show. It's the first year that the show has been a two-day event, and the first time I've done a two-day event too, so I'm trying to make sure that I've got enough stock covering all the different price points. I'm probably going over board slightly, but as I've got another show on 15th December that's better than not having enough stock! This week I've also got my post-cancer checkup. In fact, I'm writing this sitting in the room waiting for my consultant to come in - well, I've got to keep myself busy while I'm waiting to stop me from getting nervous, haven't I? I'm 99% certain that they're going to be pleased with my progress, but there's always the 1% of doubt niggling away....... I've just had a chat with a woman carrying out research on post-cancer treatment fatigue i.e. how tired I feel after having the treatment, how having and cancer has affected how easily I get tired. I had to tell her that I probably wasn't the best subject for the research as I was diagnosed 6 days after giving birth and had the operation when Jamie was 6 weeks old and it's hard to know where the tiredness from having two lively children, a business and everything else that goes with it ends and the tiredness from recovering from major surgery begins! Not that I'm complaining mind you -after all, I'm still here!

So, today's tutorials.... I'm rather addicted to owls at the moment, which is probably just as well as I spent an afternoon at the weekend making a collection of my owl clasps for a special order. I seem to be pinning a lot of owls of all shapes, sizes and materials on my Pinterest boards at the moment, so I thought I'd use this post to share a couple of the Christmassy ones with you.....

P.S. I've just got round to posting this late this evening after teaching my evening classes - I told you it was a busy day! The consultant was pleased with me - no more hospital appointments for two whole months!!

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  1. I love owls. Am hoping to try to make some myself, but haven't been able to figure out how to make some for my jewelry yet. These are so cute. Thanks.


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