Tuesday 4 December 2012

New Tuition Dates Available!

Just a very quick post today, and maybe a longer one this evening, depending on how awake I am after teaching my evening classes! I updated the website last night with a new list of tuition dates for January, February and March 2013 (2013!!), and sent out a newsletter letting the people on my mailing list know shortly before midnight. And by midnight over half of the 26 dates available were gone! Thank you so much to those of you who have booked already. My private jewellery making tuition days have been growing in popularity, but it is immensely flattering for so many dates to get booked up so quickly.

If you would like to know more about my tuition days, you can find more information here, and the list of the 10 dates still available can be found on the same page - just scroll down a bit. Private tuition is tailored towards the individual (or individuals, as you can come with a friend too!), with complete beginners usually starting with projects like bangles or chains, whilst more advanced students cover various types of stone setting, riveting, anything you like really! The photos above show some of the work that students have completed this term, and I've got more photos to show you later in the week too.

If you are interested in coming for a day's tuition then email me with your preferred date from my list - but don't leave it too long in case the rest of them go just as quickly!

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