Tuesday 29 January 2013

Focus on Life - week 4: Create Art

Late again! Partly due to a very poor Internet connection over the weekend, being busy teaching and also, to be honest, hiding away a little as I've just had another biopsy and I'm waiting for the results, and it's hard sometimes to concentrate on other things! The results will be fine, I'm sure. My consultants just like to be very careful!
The prompt for this (last!) week was create art. I haven't got any finished jewellery to show you as everything that I've been making recently has either been for magazine projects and so have to stay under wraps, or part made examples for my classes. I've treated myself to a new crochet project though, so I thought I'd give you a snap shot of that. Hopefully the fact that I've shown it to you will make me finish it and not add it to my other projects in progress! If you'd like to see what I'm aiming for have a look here.

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