Monday, 4 February 2013

A Collaboration

A new month, a new resolve to blog more often. I have to admit that last month was a harder one than I expected. I expected to come back completely refreshed after the Christmas break and bounce back into everything with lots of energy but I forgot a couple of things - firstly I was ill over Christmas so why on earth did I think that I was going to get refreshed?! And secondly - it was January! I didn't have the January blues, but with all the grey weather it was too easy to feel a bit flat after the boys' birthdays and Christmas. It was also an extra busy month in that I had a lot of private tuition students booked in - three last week plus a whole day teaching one of my college classes last Saturday plus my usual Tuesday and Wednesday night classes. Good for the bank balance, lots of fun while I was actually teaching but very little time to do my own jewellery making. I got everything done, met all deadlines, but I did have a lot of late nights in January!

Anyway, a new month - and a new collaboration! If you've been reading my blog for more than a month or so you must have picked up on just how much I love Mindy Macgregor's beautiful lampwork. The colours she uses frequently challenge me, which I need as I can easily get stuck in a colour rut, and the detail she puts in her beads is amazing. And thankfully Mindy likes what I make with her creations too! Before Christmas Mindy emailed to ask if I would be interested in a collaboration. She was keen to see some of her new, smaller cabochons set in silver to form a bracelet, and wondered if she sent me some, would I be interested in making a bracelet with them? Can you guess just how many seconds I thought about it before saying yes please?!

If you haven't guessed already, the beautiful lampwork in these photos are the cabochons that Mindy sent me last week. I can't decided which I love the most! I love the size of the set of smaller cabochons and I know that I will be buying as many of this size as I can from Mindy! They are perfect for bracelets and smaller pendants. The colours in the larger cab are just amazing, colours that I would not have considered putting together but work perfectly together. The smaller set will form part of a bracelet, and I have a pendant planned for the larger cabochon. I will post updates to show you how the designs are progressing!


  1. Oh I have a very similar one to the in your hand, must say I do love the size, perfect for a ring.

  2. Those are very cool!! I've never gotten any of her beads, I seem to always catch her shop when it only has a couple of choices in it. I'll keep trying cause she does wonderful stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Oh yes, indeed...,these are absolutely stunning and you are the perfect designer to make something even more fabulous! Cannot wait to see your final design!

  4. Oh the colours are beautiful, just perfect to get us thinking of/hoping for Spring. And your lovely designs will bring out the best of them, I'm sure Jo.

  5. I love Mindy's beads, Im sure i have still got some stashed away somewhere, that really must see the light of day. These look lovely jo, lucky you.

  6. One day I will get some of Mindy's beads! Like Kristi I always seem to miss her shop updates, or they come around when I have no funds!

    I really look forward to seeing the results of your collaboration, I'm sure it will be smashing :)


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