Sunday 17 March 2013

Soup's ready to cook!

There was a sigh of relief on both sides of the Atlantic last week when the Bead Soup ingredients that my partner Deborah Read put together for me arrived safely. They had actually arrived in the UK over a week before that but I was out when the postie tried to deliver them so I came home I found one of those lovely "while you were out" cards. Unfortunately the sorting office had put my parcel in such a safe place that it took them a week to find it!

So, here at last are the wonderful goodies that Deb sent me! She has been so generous.


At the moment I'm leaning towards using one of the dichroic glass pieces to use as a focal - but knowing me I'll change my mind before our reveal on 6th April!

If you want a reminder of what I sent Deb, have a look here and here. We actually sent each other similar colours!


  1. Lovely, can't wait to see what you make.

  2. Oooh, bet your fingers are itching to start!

    1. My fingers are always itching when it comes to jewellery making! When I'm teaching one-on-one I try to make sure that I've got a few things to file or sand, things that won't disturb my student and that I can put down straight away when I'm needed. Otherwise my fingers itch to take over what they're doing!


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