Friday 18 January 2008

Friday at last!

Usually my weeks fly by. When I was still teaching at school I (and most of my fellow teachers!) would count down the weeks until the next holiday, especially during the winter months, desperate for some time 'off' to catch up with some marking. Now I'm amazed that the school holidays seem to come round so quickly! This week has seemed long, though, probably because it's been so different than my usual weeks.

B's alot better today. No more sickness thankfully so the washing machine has been able to have a bit of a break! He's been rather tired and wanting lots more cuddles than usual, and hasn't wanted much to eat at all, but I guess most of us are like that after a tummy bug. Hopefully he'll be back to his usual cute cheeky self tomorrow!

Anyway, I promised you some photos so here they are. The first is a pendant I made over a week ago now using a beautiful bead by Izzy Anderson. I love this bead so the pendant is definitely staying with me! The bead has had lots of compliments so I'm hoping that Izzy might be tempted to make a set of them (this one was a one off). Hint hint Izzy!

The second is a rose quartz donut decorated with more rose quartz, sterling silver and purple jade. I've strung it on lovely brown soft leather, and made the necklace longer than I do usually, the leather is about 20" long and the pendant about 3".

T has promised me some work time this weekend (i.e. he'll look after Ben for most of Sunday) so hopefully I'll have some more jewellery to show you soon!

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