Thursday 17 January 2008

What a week!

Finally after tonnes of searching on the web for help and trying different ideas out I seem to have solved the hyperlink problem! I decided this evening to start again using a different blog address but wanted the same look so chose the same template, colours etc. Imagine my dismay when the hyperlinks didn't work on that either! It finally clicked that maybe the template was at fault so I changed it and ........they work!! How could something so simple have caused me to swear so much at the computer?!

It's been a strange old week. Poor old B has been ill today, and he is hardly ever ill. There's a 24 hour tummy bug doing the rounds and I think he's got that. When he's not actually being sick he's fine, just a bit tired and not really wanting to eat anything. He and I had a quiet day at home as there was no way he could go to his childminders as he usually does on Thursdays.

On Tuesday I had a meeting in Hastings with my new website hosting company. Mum had agreed to look after B (she didn't need much persuasion!) so he and I drove over there in horrible rain. Mum and B then dropped me off at Barnham train station as I had decided to get the train rather than drive as
a) it was slightly quicker and cheaper
b) I hate driving long distances in the rain (and for anyone reading this who wasn't in the UK on Tuesday it was horrendous weather) and
c) I could read my book and do some knitting (okay, so that was actually the deciding factor!)

I got as far as Eastbourne and then had to turn round again as concrete sheds had apparently been washed/blown onto the line damaging the line. They were organising a bus but by the time I would have eventually got there I would have had to turn right round and come straight back again. In the end I stopped in Brighton for a quick lunch as I had to change trains there anyway. I had a nice wander round the Laines (in the rain!) and found a couple of shops that could be potential outlets for my jewellery, so the day wasn't wasted, but it definitely didn't go to plan!

I've got a couple of new pieces of jewellery to show you but they'll have to wait until tomorrow as I still need to photograph them. In the meantime, have a look at Nicky's blog - I made up a chainmaille kit for her birthday using my koil kutter, and it looks as though she's got the chainmaille bug!

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