Saturday 15 March 2008

Yes, I'm still here!

I've been so bad about posting recently, sorry, but there is a good reason, honest! I've been spending every moment I can either making samples to show a couple of possible outlets (keep your fingers crossed for me!) or building my new site. The site is built, most of the products are uploaded, a new logo has been designed for me (it's fantastic! Can't wait to show you!), but uploading it has caused some glitches that my webhosting company are in the process of sorting out. At the moment when you go to my website it's the default zencart template and it just looks awful, but I've decided that there's no point in panicking as it's being sorted and I've just got to be patient. There have been quite a few moments in the last week when I have had to go and hammer some silver instead of hammering the computer though!Anyway, these are the hoops that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. The photos are better than the ones I took before, but I need to figure out a way to photograph them hanging up without using the stands I use for my craft stall. The stands look great on my table, but I don't like them so much in photos. The first pair uses black and smokey grey Swarovski crystals, the second smokey quartz and dusky pink Swarovski crystals and the third garnets that I've wire-wrapped onto the hoops. Earrings are my favourite thing to make at the moment, can you tell?I've got some more new pieces, including some using beautiful lampwork from Moogin Beads, to show you as soon as I can photograph them so I will be back soon - honest!


  1. Good look getting the site sorted!! How annoying that you've done all that work and then the hosting company goes and messes everything up!

    The hoops are great, especially the 2nd pair - great colours!

  2. Thanks Hannah!
    To be fair, the hosting company have been great. It's a compatibility problem with the latest version of zen cart - apparently it keeps lokking for files in the wrong place, and other people are having the same problem. The hosting company are sorting it for me, so it shouldn't be long now - I hope!


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