Sunday 30 March 2008

Still here!

Yes, I am still here! I meant to post as soon as I came back from the silversmithing weekend at Flux'n'Flame but to be honest I was absolutely shattered!! I LOVED the course! Not everything I tried turned out how I planned (several things ended up in my scrap pot on the second day) but I learnt alot and that was the aim of it.
So.....this is what I made. The first thing I made was a bangle using oval wire and I love it so much that I have hardly taken it off since. It's so comfortable to wear. I really enjoy making bangles and have several ideas for them so as soon as my bracelet mandrel arrives you will be seeing some on my website! The afternoon of the first day I use the rolling mill to press a leave pattern into silver sheet and practiced my piercing skills to cut out a leaf shaped pendant. I plan to hang some semi-precious stones from the top, but I haven't had time yet!

The second day, as I said, resulted in lots of experiments, but the third day was definitely more productive! I finished 3 stacker rings (for me) and a bracelet for Mum - but you'll have to wait for that as she hasn't seen it yet!
I have finally ordered a shed to turn into a workroom as I can't work in my room in the house anymore - it's right next to B's room and the only time I get to work is when he's asleep. Can't exactly hammer then!

The other reason that I've been awol is that I've been sorting my website out - and I've finally done it! Once my webhosting bloke (aka Ben from BM-media) got me so far, I could use some code I found on the zen-cart help forum to sort the rest out. Ben was a star - he even helped me out the day before his wedding! Anyway, go and check my website out and let me know what you think about the new look! And maybe by the time you're back I'll have changed the look of my blog to match.


  1. Jo, those are stunning!! I love the leaf!euxrfmec

  2. I love that leaf Jo! Bet it will look really fab with the semi-precious 'dangles' :-)

    Kerrie x


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