Saturday 5 April 2008

New toys!

It's been another busy week, but then again I think that's the norm round here! B and I have been out and about at Toddler Twist and visiting friends, we went to see my parents yesterday lunchtime and we're all up at T's mum's this weekend to celebrate her 6oth birthday. I even had a social life this week - a lovely meal with friends I used to teach with (we were definitely the lively table at the pub!), and Thursday morning was spent being pampered at a local spa. My brother gave me a voucher for my birthday last year, so I thought I'd better use it before it runs out in a couple of weeks! It was a lovely treat, especially as a friend came with me.

It's also been a busy week for buying new toys! B and I visited Goulds in Portsmouth on Wednesday and bought bracelet mandrels and hammers and lots of other lovely things. Look out for some bangles on the website next week. But the biggest 'toy' that arrived this week was my shed! T and I spent some of the weekend clearing a space for it and generally tidying up the garden ('assisted' by B, of course), the shed arrived on Tuesday, and by Wednesday evening it was up. We've still got to insulate it, put electricity in etc but I'm so excited already! I've taken some photos, but I'll have to add them when we get home from T's mum's.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi Jo. Just came across your blog through the 'Adventures in Glass' blog. I bought a shed a few weeks ago and it will be delivered on Friday! I'm currently working from my dining table so we don't get to sit together as a family for meals. Something I really miss doing. Can't wait to see your photos of your shed.
    I'm adding you to my fave blogs. Hope you don't mind :)

  2. I hope you enjoy your shed Magriet! Mine hasn't got any further as we haven't had time to do anything to it this week, but hopefully this weekend! Photos coming soon.
    Thanks for your comment - I'm off to read your blog now!

  3. What will you call your shed Jo?
    Unfortunately I have to wait a week before mine will be built. Can't wait to start organising it and make it look all pretty :)


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