Monday 21 April 2008


Last Saturday was the 'Flame off', a lampwork bead show where the UK's top lampwork bead artists demonstrated their work and generally left everyone who was there in awe! I wasn't lucky enough to go but the feedback from those who did make it was fantastic. Laura Sparling was one of the demonstrators and she has posted a couple of videos on youtube that you just have to see - here. The control that Laura has over the glass is absolutely amazing - the white 'thread' that she is laying on top of the bead is glass. How she manages to work with it without breaking the glass rod or completely melting it I'll never know. Anyway, go and read her blog and watch the videos! And if you want to see what her stringer and scroll beads look like once they're finished have a look at the bracelet below (for a larger picture look on my site here!).
We're away in (hopefully!) sunny Barcelona for a week so there will be a legitimate reason for no posts for a little while. The beadshops there are fantastic, so I'll hopefully have a few goodies to show you when I get back! The only member of the family who's not going is Millie the cat, but don't worry, we've got the cat sitters (aka my parents) in - she's going to be very spoilt!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention, Jo! I'm blushing!

    I do love that bracelet.

    Have a fabulous time in Barcelona!

    Laura x

  2. Have a great time in Barcelona. That bracelet is beautiful.

    Magriet x


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