Thursday 20 November 2008

All hammered out!

At first glance this photo may not look much different than this one, apart from the angle, but I promise you that a lot of work has gone on between each photo shoot!

Today has been a day of hammering, and my shoulders are definitely telling me that I need to do something else tomorrow! Each of these rings has been hammered on both sides, half of them have been cut open (I have to close them before hammering them otherwise they lose their shape), and in the middle of the picture you can see a chain that I have started. Once the rings have been linked together the next stage is to solder closed the ones I re-opened, link through the next row of rings to make a double chain and solder those links closed again. It takes quite a while, but it's worth it! This lot of rings will become a necklace and a couple of bracelets, both for commissions and to go on the website after hallmarking.
On a completely different note......Happy Birthday Nicky! I hope you've had a lovely evening and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Having just learnt how to make rings, solder them and then cut them open again you have my sympathy - I only did a few! Hammering is quite theraputic though:)

    The earrings have arrived - thank you so much they are gorgeous. Will try and do a blog post soon to say thanks. Vx

  2. I'm glad that they've arrived safely and that you like them Veryan!

  3. I can't believe you close all those rings, hammer them, open them and then solder them back again!!

    I've never done it, and I'm happy for it to stay that way!! ;)

  4. With the wire gauge I use it's the only way to keep the shape!


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