Saturday 15 November 2008

Anyone built a cloning machine yet?

As that's the only way that I'm going to be able to get all my non-business related crafty projects done! I found the Purl Bee blog via another blog I read a while back, and I keep adding more of their brilliant ideas to my list - because, of course, the 4, no make that 6 knitting projects, 2 cross stitch pictures and the 4 scrapbook albums that I've currently got on the go, not to mention all the instructions and materials that I've been gathering for other 'must do' projects, aren't enough. I know I don't have to explain myself to the rest of you addicts out there!

Anyway, here are my current favourites from the Purl Bee tutorial list - enjoy!
Table Runner
Bobble Dress
Connect the Dots pillows
April Showers scarf
Purl Beret


  1. I love the zig zag quilt, it' been on my to-do list for forever!

  2. I could so do with a cloning machine too, let me know if you ever find one:) Vx

  3. I will Veryan, but I've been looking for one without success for years!

  4. Tap, Tap, Bang, Bang, Bang, Tap, Wirrrrrrrrrr.........Nicky Shouts to Jo..... IM WORKING ON IT !

  5. Thanks Hun! I'll come and give you a hand on a bit!


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