Saturday 11 April 2009


The ingredients....
birds singing outside my workshed
a proliferation of bird ornaments and cushions in the shops at the moment
this gorgeous birdie card tutorial sheet
some pieces of silver too small for my Treasures

The result....

What do you think? Sweet, simple, perfect for every day wear, and perfect for welcoming the Spring. Now I need to make another, because every lovebird needs a mate! If you would like your own, follow the birdies here!

Remember the discount code for this Easter weekend - enter 'easter' at checkout and receive 20% off purchases of £30 or more!


  1. Aww that is lovely great for the time of year!

  2. So sweet! And I bet it swings and bobs a bit on the jumpring, like a real bird!

  3. that really is beautiful! i've just spent ages looking at it, hopefully it will still be in stock when i finally have some cash again!

  4. Thank you all of you! Yes, it does bob about a bit as you wear it. I've kept the first one for myself as I like wearing it so much!


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