Wednesday 22 July 2009

Giveaway time!

Okay, okay, so I get the message - my idea of a messy desk is clearly no where near as bad as yours! Thanks for the comments, they did make me feel better about the state of my desk, but of course I didn't show you the floor behind my chair or my paperwork.....but we'll leave that for another day as today is

Giveaway Day!

This is post number 200 of a blog that, when I started I didn't know whether I'd find enough to write about and didn't think that anyone would read. Well, I've obviously found somethings to waffle on about and share with you, and the stat counters tell me that there are readers out there all over the UK and around the world, so I've been storing up a few things to put in a giveaway for you.

The first is one of my new pendants. I really love using this techniques, the way it adds gold to my designs in a way that is still affordable. I've got a whole pile of sketches I want to work into designs, including some for personalised jewellery. Anyway, the first prize in the giveaway is the gorgeous butterfly pendant that I've made in the same style as the gold daisy and heart pendants - you can see all three in the picture above. The cupped disc
is sterling silver and the butterfly itself is 24k gold. There's a hidden bail on the back, and it comes with either a 16" or an 18" chain. These pendants are on my website for £42 (well, £37.80 in the summer sale), so this is a very nice prize.

The next prize is something that will hopefully pass on the addiction of jewellery making!
I got this lovely set of tools as my subscription present from Beads and Beyond, but as I've got more pliers etc than I can count for the workshops that I run, I thought I'd pass them on to someone else. There's all the tools that you need to get started in here, and more, and the case isn't bad either! From what I've seen in online stores these sets retail for about £35.

And lastly, I've been making some felted bags recently, so I thought I'd throw in a pink felted bag of those too. I've made a couple for myself and I use them to hold the small knitting projects that I'm doing - but no, you can't have the knitting - that halfdone pair of Fetching fingerless mitts is mine! I gave the other 4 pairs away so I decided it was about time I had some!

So, now for the rules..... I've looked at a couple of other giveaways that recently have been on blogs I read, and based the rules on theirs:

To enter the giveaway either:
So, you could enter the draw three times.
The other bits of info you need are:
  1. The draw will end on Wednesday 29th July at midnight, and I'll post on my blog who the winner is on Thursday 30th.
  2. I'll need to ask the winner to make a donation for the postage, so if you're not happy with that please don't enter!
  3. You will need to email me to claim your prize as I can't get your email address from comments you leave. If you don't claim your prize within a month then I'll draw another name out of the hat (or bag or basket, whichever I decide to use!)
Good luck!


  1. Ooh, Jo, couldn't let this chance pass me by, that necklace is beautiful!! Congratulations on your 200th post, long may they continue!!
    love from Helen Blue Fairy xx

  2. Great giveaway and it looks like I'm the first. I already get your newsletter so that is one entry already - wey hey. Anyway, I don't know where you find the time - not only making beautiful jewellery, you knit and felt as well!!!

  3. I love the latest pieces! Your work is all so elegant and understated. It's also a treat to get the insider peeks into your workbench and construction processes. Congrats on 200 posts! I'm definitely hooked. :)
    -Heather in Manitoba

  4. Hi,

    Had to enter the giveaway. The necklace is beautiful.

    I have the daisy cuff and earings and am having a daisy necklace commissioned. Everytime I wear the jewelry I get rave reviews. Keep up the good work.


  5. What a fantastic giveaway!
    I love the touch of gold on the delicate pendants - so very pretty :)

    The jewellery tools are also especially nice. I have one little pair of jewellery pliers which hardly help me learn anything.

    Heidi ♥

  6. This is an amazing giveaway! I can't believe you'd be generous enough to give so much amazing stuff away!

  7. Hello!

    Those pendants are gorgeous - as is the felted bag! I probably don't need any more pliers, though... :P

    Jess (a.k.a. Epheriell)

  8. Jo, you've done so much for me already, but your jewellery is so gorgeous I couldn't not enter!
    Jane - Hooked Yarn

  9. count me in to Jo, it was my birthday yesterday, and this necklace would make a lovely prezzie for ME. fingers crossed.

  10. Fab give away Jo.I have signed up for a newsletter.I love the butterfly pendant, I am a littel bit butterfly mad!
    Take care

  11. Jo, love those pendants - have not seen anything like that around. And that felt bag is soooo cute!
    200 posts is quite an achievement, so you should celebrate and maybe treat yourself too!

  12. Stunning necklace, I adore the delicate outline of the butterfly, love the blog, congratulations on 200 posts, hope you continue your "waffling" for many more posts.

    Following so you have my email.


  13. oooh QUICK!... can't believe I nearly missed your giveaway!
    Love your new pendants, & the felted bags are sooo cute!
    Happy 200th!! x

  14. ooohh count me in for your giveaway! love those pendants, such a pretty technique x

  15. just got here in time! I LOVE those pendants! But would be delighted to win anything. They are so pretty! Claire :)

  16. Wow, I love your butterfly pendant, and that wee pink bag is so cute! I'm so glad vintageviolet mentioned your giveaway and blog on Twitter :)

    Glitterysah x


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