Saturday 18 July 2009

Messy messy messy

How on earth does my workbench get so messy so quickly?! I mean, all I do is work on several projects at the same time so that while one is in the pickle after being soldered or annealed, I've got another to file and sand. I suppose I could put tools away as soon as I've finished with each of them, but then I'd only have to get them out again 10 minutes later. Seriously, I do tidy up every day, but it doesn't take long for my bench to look like this:

If you look closely you can see the orders and commissions I've been working on over the last couple of days: a pair of cuff links (a wedding commission), a love bird pendant (the third of those I've made this week), a small daisy cuff (coming soon to the website), a larger version of my bloom necklace (another commission) and a pair of bloom earrings. I was merrily filing and sanding this little lot tonight and only realised how late it was when the news came on Radio 2!

Those of you with time on their hands may have noticed that a) I haven't shown you the latest 24k gold and silver designs that I promised you and b) that this is post 199. If you have read all 199 of them then I am impressed - I don't think that even my Mum has done that! Anyway, I thought that I'd combine the two and over the next couple of days expect post number 200 with lovely pictures of my lovely new designs (can you tell that I'm pleased with them?!) and also a


I haven't done one for a while, and I thought that this would be the perfect excuse. I've got a pretty nice things to giveaway too, so watch this space.


  1. Way, way tidier than my desk!!! Love seeing your desk and all your lovelies in various stages of completion!

  2. If you call this messy... you don`t want to see my desk now when I am quite busy and working on couple of things ;p

  3. You lot do make me feel better!!

  4. Yep definately tidier than me too!!

  5. some gorgeous piece here jo, I know your desk is not that messy, you are alot tidier than me, hope you are okay

  6. That is not messy! You should see my beading table!

  7. Oh my God. I tidied my room up a few days ago and now I have 2 overflowing boxes of sanding plus dust all over the table (doesn't help that the hoover exploded on Saturday), assorted bags of findings everywhere and an entire jar of buttons spilt on the floor. Over to the desks (x2) I have hardened spillages of resin, a big white soggy puddle of non catalysed silicone around a 1kg pot, 3 used cups, 2 pots of dye, 16 unfinished bits of stuff, a cooling rack, a box of bits and pieces, 6 moulds not in use and a pull out keyboard drawer covered in more resin spills, 2 silicone moulds and 25 bottlecaps without magnet backs.

    Plus I have got all of the cupboard doors open, some bits and bobs in my photography tent and fabric left on my sewing machine table.

    Feel better? ;)


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