Sunday 9 August 2009

A great day out!

The Bathtub race at Arundel was a fantastic day out yesterday - a great atmosphere, great company, great sales, great weather and some hilarious bath tubs on the River Arun!! If you're in the area next year it's definitely worth a day out. The Black Rabbit pub (the hosts) is a lovely venue and they laid on lots of entertainment. B loved the bouncy castle, and was fascinated by the owls that were perched next to my stall!

Daisychain Jewellery stall

Going with the tide - the easy bit once you've got your bathtub to float!

The team from the Beresford Pub in Felpham going out in absol... on Twitpic

The team from the Beresford Pub didn't get very far!

A river full of floating bath tubs

Coming back against the tide didn't look quite so easy!

Dave the Barn Owl

The photo of the Beresford Pub team was taken from the Arundel Bathtub website - if you fancy seeing more, have a look here!


  1. Looks like you had a good day, hope you made good sales.

    You stall looks lovely and nicely set out.

  2. Was great to meet you Jo! Lovely jewelry and great report, hope to see you next year! :)


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