Tuesday 11 August 2009

Time to go to the newsagents again!

The September issue of Beads and Beyond is out this Thursday, although if you're a subscriber then you should have received your copy by now. I've got a 4 page article in there this time, 'Fossil Finds', that uses wirework coils and flower agates to create a bracelet, a couple of pendants, a necklace and a pair of earrings. I forgot to take a photo of any of them before I sent them off, though, so you'll have to wait until a) you get a copy of the magazine or b) I get them back and post a photo to see them! I forgot to photograph the set that I've got in the October issue too, but I've made a note to take photos of the current submission I'm working on!

The beautiful flower necklace on the front cover, by the way, is by Eve who I had the pleasure of meeting when she flew down from Edinburgh for the day for silversmithing tuition in May. I was so flattered that she flew all that way for a day with me!! Congratulations for a gorgeous project Eve, and for being on the front page. You can see some more wirework in one of the pictures at the top - some lovely leaves by Rebecca, who's also based in Scotland.

I also took part in the Designer Challenge again. I really enjoy these challenges - four of us get sent the same beads (and who wouldn't love getting a lovely parcel of beads and get paid for using and writing about them?!) and we have to come up with projects using them. It's great to see all the different ideas everyone comes up with, and I love the way that having beads sent to me that I haven't chosen makes me think outside of my comfort zone and come up with something different from my usual style. Two of the designs I came up with, a necklace and a pair of earrings (shown above), are bonus projects on the Beads and Beyond website, so even if you can't get hold of the magazine itself, have a look here and get the instructions for some free projects!

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  1. Thanks Jo, and well done to you as well for all the gorgeous projects you submitted, It is great to see somthing you have made being on the front page i'm well pleased.


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