Tuesday 24 November 2009

Tutorial Tuesday extra - getting organised!

I suppose that this is more in the way of a getting organised tool rather than a tutorial, but I thought I'd show it to you anyway!

I had a sheet that I filled in at work every day that helped me not just keep organised but also prioritise my work and delegate to my deputy and secretary (yes, believe it or not, I once had a deputy and secretary!! Ok, so I shared Mo the secretary with the other four Heads of Year, but she was, and still is, wonderful!). I still find it really helpful to write a list out each day, but it always ends up on scrappy bits of paper and, because those bits of paper are quite big, I end up writing down more than any one person can do in one day. So I was really pleased when I found this on Balancing Everything:

I know, I know, it may not look like or that exciting, but this simple sheet makes me feel a lot more organised, and if I feel more organised I work better and make more pretties for you to look at (and to buy :P). I've changed some of the jobs listed to make it relevant to me, and if you fancy doing the same, head over to Balancing Everything and download your own!

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