Sunday 11 July 2010

Today I have been mostly.....

New lavender planted in pots - isn't that a gorgeous purple?
New lettuces planted in the raised bed as I had a space and they were only 44p at the garden centre!
Weeding - not my favourite job, but it had to be done!
I moved from shady spot to shady spot in the garden as the sun moved and took it slowly as this heat, wonderful as it is in a country that has had rainy summers for the last few years, has proved too much for me this week. Thank God there was a breeze today!


I'm in this month's Beads and Beyond magazine three times, 
four if you count the Spotlight review pages I write - that's a lot of writing!
I've written the second of four articles on the legal issues of running a jewellery 
or indeed any small crafty business - this time on insurance.
Then there's my stone setting masterclass, showing you how to get started in using set stones in your designs
(if you haven't done so already) by using premade components.
And then there's my Loveheart necklace project as well!
Don't worry, I'm not the only one in the magazine - Eve has a lovely bracelet, and there are stringing, wirework, metal clay, and lampwork projects.


Yes, I know I said that I would finish at least one project before I started a new one, 
but I haven't felt inclined to do any knitting or sewing recently and there's no point pushing myself to do it as that's when I make mistakes. I've got three friends expecting babies in the next month or so though, 
so that's given me the incentive to make some baby blankets. 
I don't know the sex of any of the babies, so I'm going for bright colours rather than pinks or blues! 
Ummm...think that old table needs a lick of paint.

taking photos

This one is one of about 60 I've taken so far for a new Beads and Beyond project.
There are 12 steps to the project, each requiring its own photo, and I take about a dozen photos of each step before then choosing the best one. That's a lot of photos!
This project is a stone setting one to follow on from this month's stone setting masterclass, 
but that's all I'm saying! You'll have to wait to find out more!


  1. makes me think of the Fast Show:
    "Today I have mostly been eating ... acorns"

    I have mostly been panting. It is soooo hot. A bit better now in the evening. Oh, some thunder I just heard. What a relief!

    All my best!

  2. You have been a busy bee with the tutorials etc. I love reading all about it, some great info. And thanks for the mention, i have been busy today making some pieces for next weekend i'm in St Andrews, it will hopefully be busy as the Golf open is at St Andrews next weekend, fingers crossed.

  3. It's a good issue. The insurance article is well overdue, excellent!

  4. Oooh, can;t wait! I love reading all the articles about silver-smithing - I've never had a go myself, but one day...

  5. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day!

  6. Congrats on your articles in this issue! I just picked this one up last week...I was so glad to find it here in the U.S.


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