Tuesday 20 July 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Fibre Jewellery

Just a quick post to give you this week's Tutorial Tuesday - I'll be back later with news of where I've been and what we've been doing! As I may have mentioned just a few times, I have definitely renewed my addiction to knitting and crochet over the last couple of years or so, and there are two websites that have helped that addiction - www.ravelry.com and www.knitty.com. Today's tutorials combine my two addictions to bring you crocheted and knitted jewellery!

First up, Sun Necklace by Olivia Munroe of Un Jardin de Hilo. 
A beautiful mix of crochet and beads!

 And Olivia's flower earrings - she has more patterns on her blog, so do take a look!

Some knitted earrings this time.
Coralie is by Sarah Punderson, and the pattern is in the latest issue of Knitty



  1. I love the mix of fiber with wire and metal... thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  2. ooh. i love them all. totally unique and beautiful.


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