Wednesday 30 March 2011


No, not by the way, which is what I thought it meant when it started appearing on some of the other jewellery blogs I read. It's Bead Table Wednesday! There's a Flickr group full of photos that jewellery designers, bead makers and the like have taken, well, of their workdesk every Wednesday - and I thought that now I'm finding a bit of time to get out into the workshop that I'd jump on the band wagon.

My desk is it's usual messy self as you can see. I do tidy it up every now and then, honest, but then I start working on four projects at once (so I can sand one while the others are cleaning in the pickle pot etc) and organised chaos rules again! If you look closely though you'll be able to see a couple of magazine projects in the making and a pendant waiting for it's stone to be set.


  1. Hi Jo, its so good to see your desk back in action, you've brought a smile to my face to start the day. Hang in there and hope all continues to go well :)

  2. Great to see you back in action. Your desk looks good to me. I'll wait to see the finished projects. Good luck.


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