Saturday 2 April 2011

Charity Auction in aid of Japan

How do you fancy treating yourself to a beautiful piece of jewellery, a fabulous set of designer lampwork beads or a piece of textile art and helping to raise money for Japan at the same time?

Mel Poxon of Kookie Designs has organised an auction full of fantastic lots, some of which you can see here, and you have until 8.30pm GMT on Monday 4th April to place your bid. Just follow the email link on the auction page and email your name, the auction lot number (or numbers!) you are interested and your bid in £ sterling.All of the money raised will be paid into a PayPal account which will then paid into the Japan fund via the Oxfam website.

Please do help us to raise as much money as possible!
You can find all of the items on offer and the full details on the auction page here.


  1. I did Bid on your piece... actually didn't ealize when I bid that it was set up in lots.... should read more carefully! Haven't been to your blog for awhile... Congrats on the birth of Jamie and hope that you recover quickly from your operation... I would not enjoy eating gruel for an extended period especially since there are very few veggies that I will even eat!

    Take care might see you at BTW although I don't usually post mine to flickr!


  2. Thank you for bidding Lynne! Yours is the highest bid for that lot so far - good luck!


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