Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BTW part 2

I've managed to get quite a bit done on my ever-growing to-do list today, and even more impressively this is (just in case you hadn't noticed) my second blog post of the day! I finally bought a new phone, an iPhone 4s, a couple of weeks ago to replace the iPhone 3G I'd had for over 3 years, and it's making blogging a bit easier and quicker. The 3G had done me well, but I'd dropped it in water when I was pregnant with Jamie well over a year ago and although T had got it working for me again it had never been the same again. Having a new phone makes me realise just how bad the old one had got, and I've had great fun downloading new (useful, of course) apps. So far I've got the blogger app which I'm obviously using for this, Facebook, etsy, and my favourites Instagram and color splash. Oh I've been having fun with those! With Picnik closing down in a few weeks it's good to find a few more easy to use photo editing sites and apps. I used color splash to edit the photo in this morning's post to just leave the colour in Michi's beautiful beads, and I've been taking a few photos of work in progress during the day

Anyway, I can't show you everything I made today as the designs I made with Michi's beads are obviously for the bead soup party, but you can have a peek these. First up is a pair of oak leaf earrings. Been meaning to make these for ages! And secondly there's two clasps textured by sending the metal through the rolling mill with a feather sandwiched between the two. The silver clasp is destined for a bracelet for this month's Art Bead Scene challenge. I'm teaching tomorrow but I've got the bracelet all laid out on my desk to put together while my student is sanding and polishing their work and won't really want me looking over their shoulder all the time.


  1. I love my iPhone and apps too, so much fun. I adore those feather/ leaf clasps, just beautiful....are they going in to your shop, too? I can see that silver one now on the ABS challenge...perfect.

  2. I need an I-phone... my phone is so old that it doesn't do anything... half the time it doesn't even ring when someone phones me! & I love those feather clasps!

  3. Thank you ladies! The copper feather clasp will be in the shop tomorrow, and I've used the silver one in a bracelet coming later today. I loved making them!

  4. I love your work, these are beautiful.
    You should get instagram for sure. It is just fun.
    I also just got bloglovin' to follow my favorite blogs (including this one) and it is awesome! Have fun. i love my iPhone
    Shannon C

  5. I was so excited by the feathers here that I almost missed those acorn earrings! They are absolutely gorgeous!


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