Tuesday 28 February 2012

Cuddle time

Source: zazzle.ca via Joanne on Pinterest

No, not for you, sorry. It would be a bit difficult to give you a cuddle through the computer screen, but I expect you can find someone or something to cuddle at your end. It's my poor poorly Jamie who needs lots of extra cuddles at the moment. He's having a bad reaction to the MMR jab that he had last Tuesday, and although I know that the fever, loss of appetite etc that he's going through is nothing compared to actually having measles or mumps it's still horrible, especially as he doesn't understand what's going on. Yesterday seems to have been the worst day, his fever has just about gone now and he's a bit brighter than he was, but he's still not himself today. So, lots of extra cuddles with Mummy.

I'll leave you with thanks for comments on my last post - it's been really interesting to find out what people did before turning their hands to crafts, or how you juggle everything! And a quick reminder too - it's the Poppy Headpin Challenge blog hop tomorrow so come back then to see what everyone made!


  1. Oh my dear - wishing you and your son all the best, and that he will get healthy soon! Greetings, Michi

  2. Poor Jamie :-( I hope he is properly better by now. Give him a cuddle from me!


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