Wednesday 5 September 2012

BTW - I'm back!!

Hello! We're back from our travels! We arrived home last Friday afternoon, but as you'd expect it has taken us a few days to recover from all the travelling and the time differences! We spent four nights in Los Angeles on the way back from Auckland, and left there before we'd really acclimatised to that time zone -in fact we managed to time travel on our way to LA as we left Auckland on the Sunday evening and arrived in LA the same Sunday at lunch time! So, last Saturday lunch time I really wasn't sure whether my body thought it was the early hours of Sunday morning or breakfast time on Saturday! T and I are just about over the jet lag now, and Ben is getting there, but we've definitely got child lag as Jamie is not coping with the time changes well - he wants to be up playing at 2am!

We had an amazing time in New Zealand, and saw so much - but its such an amazing country that there was still so much we could have seen if we'd had the time! It was fantastic to spend so much time with our friends over there too. Hellie and I had lived together before at uni, and after that for a year or so as well, so we quickly fell into a routine, and in some ways it feels very strange to be back. We were so busy over there that although I drafted several blog posts I didn't get round to editing the photos to go with them and publishing them, so over the next week expect to see more photos and chat about what we got up to!

But today things have started to settle back into our normal routine. T and Ben started back at school at the start of the week, and today Jamie went to the childminder for the first time in seven weeks - and I got back into the workshop! I didn't get straight back into hammering and soldering though, as I'd been doing some planning while we were away and I'd decided to do a bit of a revamp. I haven't been completely happy with the worktables. They weren't quite as high as I'd really like, the table legs needed reinforcing because of the amount of hammering I do, and I also needed more storage.

So, this morning saw me emptying out most of the equipment from the shed, putting together three storage units from Ikea (where else?!) and using them as three of the legs. They have raised up the level of the tables perfectly, and as the original legs are extendable I've been able to lengthen them to match. It took all morning and a lot of work, and halfway through I wished I'd never started, but I'm so pleased I did it! I also put up the blinds I bought a few months ago, and it was lovely working in there this afternoon, feeling very organised and not too hot in the lovely afternoon sun! I even managed to get three of this week's Notonthehighstreet orders done as I felt so organised and motivated!

I have opened up my NOTHS shop and my etsy Daisychain Extra shop, and my website will be back up by the end of the weekend. I've decided to offer a discount in my Daisychain Extra shop to say thank you to all of you who placed such lovely orders before I went on holiday, and to celebrate the fact that my clasps have been in several magazine projects over the summer, and not just projects that I wrote!

So, until the end of Monday 17th September 
enter the code "NEWTERM" at checkout to get 15% off your order. 

My "Macramé, Art Beads and Wire" ebook is also included in the sale.
This is the last discount I will be offering in the Daisychain Extra shop until after Christmas, so take advantage of it now!


  1. Oh gosh, I hope I can sell some jewellery before your discount is up, I am in real need of some of your wee daisy clasps especially!! Also, I need to get my ass in gear, and find out when your next few teaching dates are, even if we end up looking so far ahead as 2013. I need to come for lessons; Helen and I have been chatting and it needs to be done sooner rather than later! I am so glad you had such an awesome time, looking forward to seeing more photos - it's a country I would love to visit, and I am (as you probably are too) horrified it is September already, so reliving holidays is definitely a good thing. Hope the jet lag clears soon! x x x

  2. Welcome back!! sounds like you had a fab time

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Rebecca, you know you're more than welcome down here! It would be so fantastic to finally meet you in real life. I'll have new tuition dates for the rest of the year up on the website this week. I've been catching up with the bracelets and necklaces you've been making over the summer - gorgeous!


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