Thursday 6 September 2012

Jet Lag Baby

First thoughts this morning.......

1. It's 6.30am! Jamie's asleep! I didn't have to get up to him in the middle of the night for the first time in weeks! Woohoo, has he finally got over the jet lag?!

2. It's 6.31am. I didn't get up to Jamie at all last night. What's wrong? Is he ill? *rushes off to check on baby sleeping peacefully cuddled up to his toy cow*

Please tell me that I'm not the only mad over-reacting mother here!


  1. Sounds like Jamie is VERY adaptable, Jo. I'm still amazed that you would be able to make such a long overseas trip with little ones!

  2. Hi Jo
    I still sometimes wake up in the night and go and check they are still breathing....and they are 8 and 11.....
    No, not mad and not over-reacting...

  3. Hi Jo,

    Firstly welcome back x

    Well done Jamie for sleeping though, hope it has carried on and no definitely not. I check on my 2 (2.5 yrs & 8 mths) if they have been unusually good. I have been very lucky that they both have slept through from about 4 months. You do find the more they sleep through the more you get used to it though and the easier it is not to worry.

    Niki x

    Niki x


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