Monday, 12 November 2012

British Inspiration!

UPDATE! The winner of the Southampton prize is Sherri Stokey (Knot Just Macramé)
Congratulations Sherri!
The full list of winners is now available on Artisan Whimsy.

Today is the day set for everyone taking part in the UK blog team challenge on Artisan Whimsy to reveal their designs. We challenged forum members to design either a piece of jewellery or a jewellery component using one of our home towns or counties as their inspiration, with a prize on offer for each place. And they have done us proud! The entries include macramé, ceramics, lampwork and wirework, and it has been great to see how the same place can inspire such different pieces of work.

And of course, we couldn't exactly ask everyone else to get to work with out creating something ourselves, could we? So, here is my creation using Southampton as my inspiration.....

It was actually harder than I thought it would be. I'm used to taking my inspiration from the things I see around me - shapes of leaves, colours for example - but to use the city that I live in was different. When I first set the challenge I assumed that I'd use the Titanic as my inspiration, but in the end I took a little inspiration from different aspects of the city. I've used unusual matt Picasso Jasper beads to represent the stony beaches along this stretch of the south coast and freshwater pearls and silk as a nod to the luxury materials that the upper classes of the Titanic passengers would have worn. And the poppy? Well, considering that Southampton is the home of the Spitfire and yesterday was Armistice Day it seemed appropriate to use one of my silver poppy clasps to complete the necklace. It's a fairly simple design, but that seems to be what I've been drawn to over the last week!

I hope that you like it! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created, especially those who chose Southampton as their inspiration! I've had a sneak peek at some of the designs as they've been loaded onto the Artisan Whimsy site, but I've saved the Southampton designs for today! I will be posting the winner of the Southampton prize (look here to see what prize I'm offering) by tomorrow morning, and all the winners of the prizes will be posted on the Artisan Whimsy page by Tuesday morning as well.

Below are the blogs of those taking part in the UK Inspiration Challenge as at 11th November - please do visit and admire their designs!

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Sherry Baun Unicorn Jewels
Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh


  1. I love the deep colors in this, and the poppy clasp is gorgeous! really pretty piece

  2. Hi Jo,
    Your necklace is simply beautiful! I love the muted colors and the poppy clasp just brings it all together.

  3. Really like the look of your stone beads! Lovely necklace! It was a fun challenge!

  4. Beautiful! The dark, rich colours are stunning against your poppy.

  5. Lovely necklace Jo - thanks for organising this's inspired some great designs.x

  6. Your necklace is beautiful. I so enjoyed this challenge. Events like this are such a nice way to bring us all a little closer and better acquainted. I'm so happy that your team offered the challenge and I am so happy I participated. Thanks to you all.

  7. Yay! Woo Hoo!!! *happy dance* Nothing makes me happier than winning Jo Tinley components!!!

  8. That's an interesting mix of "inspirations". Looks lovely!

  9. Pretty fond of those grey tones and that poppy clasp is wonderful.


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