Friday 7 February 2014

Spinner Rings!

Last Saturday was my first workshop of 2014, and a lovely group of ladies came together to forget the wind and rain for a while by hammering and soldering - and making themselves beautiful spinner rings! It is so great having a lovely big room to teach in now. As well as having my own studio in the Sorting Office I've also got access to the Production House - a fantastic space that you can only see half of in the picture below.

I do love making these rings - I love coming up with different combinations of textures and patterns, and I love wearing them too - a very playful piece of jewellery! The ladies worked hard (helped by copious cups of tea and chocolate) and had lots of fun too, and each went home with their very own unique and perfectly fitting spinner ring. Apparently two of them have already had orders from their families for more rings!

The ladies who came along on Saturday were also the first to get copies of my Spinner Ring ebook. I've just got to add in a couple more hints and tips that I realised I'd missed out during Saturday's class and then it will be available on the website for those of you who live a little too far away to come to a class.

The next workshop will be on Saturday 15th March, my Keum Boo workshop. If you haven't come across this beautiful technique yet then take a look here!

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