Monday 27 January 2014

Photos, photos everywhere....

My job this morning is to finish editing the final photos for my new Spinner Ring ebook. So far I've whittled it down from over 400 to 92! I want to cover all the steps for making one of these beautiful rings in as much detail as possible and, as they say, a picture really does speak a thousand words. Not that I'd write a thousand words for a step in a jewellery tutorial, no matter how detailed, but you get the idea.

The book will cover all the materials and tools that you need to make a spinner ring, using the one pictured above as the example. There will also be additional variations with explanations of how they are made. It will be published in the first week of February (next week!) and also given to the students at my Spinner Ring workshop on Saturday 1st February - there are still places left on the workshop so if you'd like to come along and get the book, all the materials you need to make your own ring and, of course, me along side you as you make it sign up here!

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