Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A beautiful day!

It feels postively spring-like today! The sun is shining, birds are sitting in the apple tree in our garden and I didn't have to zip my coat up and wrap myself in my scarf when I went into town this morning!

I've had a busy day and feel quite virtuous. B and I went into town this morning to buy him some new shoes and I got quite a few jobs done. He had fallen asleep in the car by the time we got home so I hoovered, cleaned the kitchen and got some paperwork done and even started organising tea. Okay, so that fact that I treated us to a Pizza Hut buffet isn't quite so good, but I'm only human! I always feel happier when the sun's out, but then again, doesn't everyone?

We've had a busy few days. We spent the weekend (well, Friday to Monday) visiting friends in mid Wales. They moved there in the summer and it was lovely to see them looking so happy, relaxed and settled in their new home. It's a beautiful place. We spent Saturday cooking jacket potatoes and sausages on the beach at Aberdovey, and N (our friend's youngest daughter) and I did some baking on Sunday, and we just generally relaxed and spent time chatting. Thank you to Jayne and Neil and the girls for a really lovely weekend! B keeps asking where the girls are, so we're going to have to meet up again soon.

Yesterday, my mum had organised an 'at-home' day for friends and neighbours and their friends to see (and buy!) her cards and my jewellery. Mum sells Phoenix cards. They are really lovely - I was amazed when she first started how much nicer the cards are than the ones you can get in the shops and how much cheaper they are too. I never buy cards in the high street now. We had a successful day, so thank you to everyone who came along.

The earrings in this post are spoken for now - sorry! I haven't even had a chance to put them on the website yet! The silver beads are Karen Hill tribe silver. I've used faceted garnets with the hearts and Swarovski crystals with the round daisy beads. I should have some more earrings to post very soon, including some studs. It's been a while since I made any studs but I've had some requests and my new soldering equipment has arrived so it's time to turn some of the designs in my sketch book into reality!


  1. Loving the earrings hun, i think i like the blue ones even better than the Garnet ones !

  2. Not surprised the earrings have already gone, Jo. I agree with Nicky - the blue ones are gorgeous!

    Wow - jacket potatoes and sausages on the beach. That sounds great!

    Laura x


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