Monday, 5 May 2008

Yes, I know!

I haven't been very good at getting back to blogging after being away, have I? Sorry!
We had a lovely, lovely time - great weather, great apartment (for the money we paid!). Blanes was perfect for a holiday with Ben as everything we needed was within walking distance, except the train to Barcelona which was an easy bus journey. I'll write more later but I wanted to show you the treasury on etsy that I put together this afternoon.

For those of you who haven't visited etsy, it's a collection of online shops selling handcrafted or vintage goods and craft suppliers and you can find my etsy shop here. There's not much in it yet though - I've got so many photos to take and upload this week! A treasury is a temporary collection of items chosen by a member of etsy - anyone can put a treasury together as long as there are spaces, and that's where it gets to be fun! Etsy only allows new treasuries if the number falls below 333, so the only way to get one is to either work out when the number will be low enough and log back on a bit before then and wait or just happen to look at the right time - which is what I did!
As I saw the first butterfly in our garden this afternoon (poor thing, hope it's not out too early) and I've got a few butterfly pieces of jewellery to put in the shop this week I thought I'd fill my treasury with butterflies. If you fancy a closer look you can find it here for the next couple of days!

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