Wednesday 13 August 2008

All in a good cause....

It's late, and I'm tired but happy after a day teaching silversmithing so this only a quick post to pass on a link to these great Awareness Pins.

They were designed by Kerrie Slade, a seed beader who has had several projects published this year in both UK and US magazines. She originally designed them to raise money for the hospital where her mum received breast cancer treatment, but she's now made the pattern available to everyone. She says on her blog:

I would like to encourage as many people as possible to get on board with this project and to make these pins in any colour they wish to represent the causes closest to their hearts. I am happy for people to donate them, raffle them, sell them to raise money for the charity of their choice - whatever, so long as the money goes to charity. I am hoping that this could actually be a lot of fun and a great way to raise money for local hospitals, hospices, education and support around the world.

The pattern is available here. All funds raised by the sale of the pattern until the end of September will go to cancer charities. Kerry has given permission for anyone to use the pattern to sell pins, but only in order to raise money for whatever charity they wish. There is also a second part to the fundraising - the opportunity to win the two pins in the picture.

Visit Kerrie's blog ( for more details!


  1. I really appreciate this Jo - thank you so much for taking the time to help me spread the word!

    All the best to you;
    Kerrie x

  2. My pleasure Kerrie! Glad I could do something, however small, to help.
    Good luck!


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